We could talk facts. That we are entering an anthropocene era, meaning there is a larger volume of materials made by mankind than all the living beings. Or that microplastics are being found inside human foetuses. Or that due to climate change, Antartica is melting, impacting water levels and biodiversity.  But, we will keep this, like our jewellery, light and to the point. *  

During her Masters at the London College of Fashion, Camilla - Camifolla's founder - specialised in studying the future of sustainability in the fashion industry. This knowledge was later applied and further developed in her career, where she worked with environmentally friendly fashion companies. Needless to say, when it came to launching her own brand she knew sustainability would be one of the pillars of her business.

Having had a long interest in reclaimed items and also enjoying the creative challenge of updating and recycling accessories, Camilla chose to make upcycling the core of Camifolla . 

In every product description, you will find a short paragraph named Sustainability, which will explain what aspect of this item has been upcycled. Sometimes an item is entirely upcycled, other times it has upcycled elements to it. Natural items such as shells are also integrated in Camifolla designs.

All products are wrapped in beautiful recycled packaging, made from boxes of all shapes and origins. All business cards are printed on recycled paper. 

All orders are sent in the post with the Proclima option - an offset initiative by the Swiss post of which you can read more about here.

Where possible, metals are recycled as well. Most of the material is sourced from second hand charity shops such as Myrorna in Sweden or Caritas in Switzerland. Donations of small boxes, unwanted or broken jewellery and trinkets are also accepted.

For any additional questions, feel free to contact us.


* We are happy to share sources and reading material if of interest.