Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes. Prices depend on destination and weight of the item (s). Prices should be listed at checkout, but if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Can your items be re-stocked?

All Camifolla designs have elements of upcycling or are completely upcycled so this makes them one of a kind pieces or small batches. If something is available and you love it, purchase it while it is still available as a re-stock cannot be 100% guaranteed. All products have an indication of stock level. 

However, if an item you love is sold, it is worth enquiring about it as there may be a possibility of doing a similar item. 

Do you do made to order items?

Yes. We love to upcycle your products, or make a product that you love just for you. Check our page dedicated to the made to order process here.

Do you offer refunds?

Exchanges or gift cards only. If an item is damaged in transport, contact us and it will be repaired free of charge. 

What payment methods do you accept?

The options are available at checkout. Card payments and Apple Pay are permitted. For Twint or other options get in touch, as we are still exploring how to best integrate this.

Do you stock hypoallergenic items?

All the Baronessa collection pieces are hypoallergenic. The fashion metal material I use is nickel free, but if you have allergies, you are safer with the Baronessa pieces. If necessary, on many items I can replace the materials to hypoallergenic ones. If you have allergies do not hesitate to ask before purchase!

Why are not all your items made in gold/ gold plated material? 

Upcycling is at the core of Camifolla, so where possible the original material of an upcycled piece is used e.g. fashion metal earring hooks. Additionally, some styles, especially when it comes to earrings, are also not as easy to be found in gold and gold plated. The aim is to eventually move to complete semi-precious metals. 

Do you have a showroom? 

The current times do not really permit showrooms. If you wish to see some pieces in person, I have met people in the Lugano area. While if you are asking  to collaborate, get in touch.

What is your pricing structure? 

There is a formula in place. Pricing is based on incurring costs of the business, original price of the base material as well as time spent working on it. Therefore, some pieces even though they may be in fashion metal, may have the same, or a higher price to a premium one. 

What do you disinfect your items with before shipping?

All designs are tested and worn so before sending them out they are disinfected with a bit of washing up liquid and this disinfectant from Boots (Pharmacy in the UK).

 I am not so comfortable with English, can I contact you in any other language?

Yes! Camilla is fluent in English, Italian, Swedish and French.

I do not see any silver items, where are they?

If you search "silver" in the search tabs, some items will appear. There is a limited availability of silver items, as Camifolla's main customer target base has not shown an interest in it. If you have any requests, get in touch as silver items have been made for customisations as well!