Camifolla founder 

Who are you?

Camilla Gambari, founder and designer of Camifolla. 

Why did you call your brand Camifolla? 

Camifolla is a word that I found existed in the 17th century in a Spanish-Italian-French dictionary. It is an old word for bustier. I liked that it was from an old book with multilingual origins as well that it had part of my name in it. Plus, I discovered it while one of my best friends (with whom I speak in French) joked I should have been called "Camifolle" because of my sense of humour which she describes as crazy.

Why did you start a jewellery brand?

Having always gravitated towards jewellery, when I moved from London last year (2020) I decided to follow my creative roots and launch my own brand. Since I was a child I loved fashion and I would layer jewellery and accessories. As a teenager I started fixing jewellery that would break and then continued developing my skills and am constantly working on learning new techniques and working with new materials. I think some items really reflect that I am a Fine Art graduate as I hand paint them and they have an artistic quality to them!

What makes a Camifolla piece special? 

A Camifolla piece is a limited edition or unique piece made from second hand items and/or natural elements such as shells. With their dainty, romantic, unique touch our pieces respect the trends whilst still having a timeless element to it. When you buy a Camifolla piece you know you are respecting nature and supporting an artisan business as well as adding a truly unique piece to your accessories collection! 

Could you explain your tagline? 

Where Italian Glamour meets Scandi design is a nod to my roots, I am half Swedish half Italian. I also find it really explains the style, glitzy and glamorous yet dainty and often practical. 

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