What does upcycling mean?


A customer asked me what I meant with upcycling. And that is when I realised that to people outside of the design world and  sustainability, this might be a concept that needs some further enlightning.


Might be because I grew up in the 90s and noughties with the teen movies that heavily featured a make-over of one of the main characters, but I see upcycling as a make-over. You take an object and see how you can bring out its beauty- whether by deconstructing it or integrating it into another piece. While we are on the subject of make-overs, the eagle eyed out of you might notice this is not the first time I mention a 90s teen movie. My favourite of this movie genre, She’s All That has had two products named after it (the Shell All That earrings and ring).

Some of you may think taking an unused/broken/old item and giving it new life is the same as recycling, but actually there is a difference. Recycling involves a practical process of destroying the waste to then create something new, whereas upcycling is taking the waste and creating something new with it, which gives liberties to some really creative ideas. For a more in depth explanation, I recommend reading this article by forgerecycling.  

Upcycling is at the core of Camifolla, and no piece does not have an upcycled element to it. Want to find out exactly how the item is upcycled? In every product description, the sustainability paragraph goes more in depth about this. Having worked for years in London in the creative field I have seen some beautiful upcycling ideas, and I think it helped me to think outside of the box. Camifolla jewellery is not only made from reclaimed jewellery, but also buttons, mementos and any sort of trinket that may be integrated in a piece.

Have a memento or broken piece you would like to give new life to? We do custom made orders, find out more about the process here just email us on contact@camifolla.com.

Pax Earrings- how are they upcycled?


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