G-Guide for V-day

 The G here is for the gift guide, for other Gs this is not the place to consult.

February 14th is approaching fast and you want to give the lady in your life something unique, like her. Gifting her a Camifolla piece, you know you are doing just that. Our pieces are made with selected upcycled materials and this makes most of our items one of a kind or part of a very limited series. 

So read on for our present ideas. 

For someone you take on a hike date

For this active woman the perfect piece is minimal, so she does not need to remove it during your date. 

We suggest the dainty new Cloud Earrings or otherwise the new Violet Mini Lantern earrings. 


Camifolla Cloud Earrings
Camifolla Violet Mini Lantern Earrings


For your restaurant date

For the person you take onto the quintessentially classic date, go for an elegant piece like our signature necklace with the double pearl end. 

Our current favourite of the signature pieces is the Roi Soleil Necklace. 


Camifolla Roi  Soleil Signature Necklace


For your art exhibition date

 This woman loves a bold statement piece,  like our Wrap Me Up Earrings.

Camifolla Wrap me up Earrings


For your go-carting date

 Aim for something practical, that will not go against a possible helmet you may wear. A thin necklace that on other occasions she can layer with more necklaces is perfect. 

Our suggestion is the Take me to the Bar 2 necklace. 


Camifolla Take me to the Bar 2 Necklace


For your Yoga class date

 For the woman looking to realign her chakras, we suggest a necklace that mirrors her spirituality. 

The Fatima Half Moon Quartz Necklace or the Buddha Signature Necklace are the perfect gift. 

Camifolla Fatima Half Moon Quartz Necklace
Camifolla Buddha Signature Necklace

For your Concert date

This woman will appreciate the festival like vibes of the layered Aimee necklace. 

Camifolla Aimee Layered Necklace


Not quite certain you have found the piece for your boo?  Get in touch, whether on Instagram, Facebook or email (contact@camifolla.com).

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